Furniture & Fixture

We deal with all type of Modular Furniture and Fixture as well as Customer Designed Furniture also, so that our customers can get exactly what they need.

 Designing a space, assortment furniture plays a very important role. Thus, the Interior Designers place a lot of significance in the selection of the precise furniture which can go very well with the perception of the design. Furniture Designer in Kolkata is equally essential for an Interior Designer to materialize the concept of innovative creation.

This furniture selection can be ready-made or it can be custom designed as per the requisite of the experienced Interior Design professionals. The need of the users is also kept in mind while the design is selected so as to harmonies the selection in a holistic way. The function of furniture selected revolves around the utilization of the space keeping in mind the activities which are intended to be carried out with such furniture.

Selection of furniture can bring life to space and if the design and selection of such furniture can be done in a professional way with the help of Interior Designer, it can make a home a paradise.