15th June, 2024



Elegant bedroom decor ideas for this winter

In country like India, winter is welcomed with open arm. The season starts with its celebrations, delight and a brand new set up as we all love winter. As in winter the nights get longer and sleep gets deeper so we all feel very fresh the whole morning but to pass up the chills, our bedroom must be a warm shelter of liberation where you can twist up in bed.

Winter brings holiday season from the end of the year. We all mostly spend our festive finesse at our living room but we can’t disregard the bedroom where you require concession after a long day partying. Recently we had done a interior decor in a 2BHK flat near garia which was greatly appreciated by the members living on the flat as they could feel the positive vibes of the interior. For those looking to redecorate, interior decorators in Kolkata can help you create the perfect winter retreat in your bedroom—making it a cozy and inviting space to unwind and relax after a busy day.

Here are a few tips for you:

  1. Layer it up:

During the winter mostly we twist our time in bedroom as the shuddering cold nature makes us to stay back at our home. Mound up spongy, feathery throws or bulky smooth quilts .You can also deposit with various luxurious pillows for a relaxed and deluxe look. Layering your bed will maintain you tepid head to toe as it ensnare your body warmth surrounded by the sheets. Renovate your bed in a manner where you motivation to bound and be submerged into all the smoothness.

  • Play with hues:

Colour acts a crucial function for creating a loving, convivial atmosphere . Warm up your winter bedroom with blazing colours such as golds, oranges and reds. Browns, greys and maroons are the colours of winter which makes your internal hues palette winter ready. Gloomy colours attract high temperature and can depict complimentary consideration to your bed as it appears graceful and elegant.

  • Light up right:

For the longer nights and shorter days, definite you capitalize on the ordinary light in your home. To control the supremacy of insightful surfaces you can dangle a decorative mirror on the wall, beyond or opposite the bed. Place the mirror in a way so that it spreads the brightness as equally as possible all over the bedroom. Interior Décor Solutions in Kolkata brings the key to warm and soft lighting at night that is wonderful for cozying up a liberty and gives a relaxing feel to the bedrooms.

  • Cover the floor:

Interior Designing Company makes you feel comfortable as when you are waking up in the morning and putting your feet on the cold floor right out of the blanket is a big twist off. A comfortable rug or elegant floor mat can save you from the shock. Humid area rugs beneath tables and furniture can be very accommodating to make a fluffy flooring to plow your toes into. Interior designers in Kolkata can help you choose the right rugs to add both comfort and style to your bedroom. The rugs will help to protect your room and give your feet a warm delicacy when they are out of their homely bed. They also add a immense measure of mode in your bedroom.